AI-Enabled Customer Support - Powered by NuPIC™

Run Next-Generation Customer Support with CPU-based AI

Automate interactions, quickly resolve issues, and provide deep insights into customer inquiries with NuPIC. Run your entire application on CPUs.

Data-driven insights

Discover how customers feel down to granular features and attributes

Streamline support operations

Automate routine inquiries and free your support team to focus on complex issues

Enhanced customer satisfaction

Deliver instant and accurate responses to improve overall satisfaction

How it works

Customer Support with NuPIC

Convert Calls to Text

Convert customer calls to searchable text so your data is ready for analysis.

Analyze Text with AI

Detect sentiment, route issues appropriately, and generate summaries. 

Run and Scale on CPUs

Your entire application and all of your models can run on a single server.  

Ready to unlock deeper customer insights?


Transforming Insights into Action Across Industries

Sentiment Analysis

Direct escalations to relevant staff based on emotional tone


Provide operations team with brief summaries of flagged tickets


Categorize tickets based on your predefined criteria

NuPIC Customer Support Datasheet

Download this two-page data sheet to learn more about how NuPIC can help elevate your customer support applications. 

Case Studies

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