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  • The Secret to Strong AI
    The Secret to Strong AI

    Artificial Intelligence techniques such as “deep learning” and “convolutional neural networks” have made stunning advancements in image recognition, self-driving cars, and other difficult tasks. Numerous AI companies have appeared to catch the wave of excitement as funding and acquisitions have accelerated. Yet, leading AI researchers realize something is not right....

    Jeff HawkinsJeff HawkinsCo-Founder
  • New Experiment Sheds Light on HTM Theory
    New Experiment Sheds Light on HTM Theory

    Numenta's HTM theory includes a detailed explanation for the role of neurons and minicolumns in cortical layers. We've been sharing this theory for years and publishing implementations in our open source project, NuPIC. The best description of this theory is in the following papers: Why Neurons Have Thousands of Synapses, A Theory of Sequence Memory in Neocortex and A Theory of How Columns in the Neocortex Enable Learning the Structure of the World....

    Scott PurdyScott PurdyResearch Staff Member
  • Today’s Weak AI Lacks Intelligence
    Today’s Weak AI Lacks Intelligence

    While Deep Learning and other ANN-based methods of machine learning have produced some amazing capabilities over the past decade, they still leave me wanting more intelligence than they can deliver. The “point neuron” used in ANN is based on an understanding of neuroscience we had back in the 1970s. Just in the past couple of decades, we have learned more about the pyramidal neuron in the neocortex than we have ever known before. This knowledge has never been applied to the old ANN point neuron....

    Matthew TaylorMatthew TaylorOpen Source Community Manager
  • Guest Post: Behind the Idea – HTM Based Autonomous Agent
    Guest Post: Behind the Idea – HTM Based Autonomous Agent

    My full name is Ali Kaan Sungur and I work as a research assistant in Middle East Technical University, Graduate School of Informatics. I'm a computer science graduate specialized in game development and real-time 3D graphics. Recently, HTM and related neuroscience became my main area of interest. I have an Ms. degree in Game Technologies and just started my PhD. in Cognitive Science. Oh, and I love cycling....

    Ali Kaan SungurAli Kaan SungurHTM Community Member
  • New HTM School Series Debut: Interview with a Neuroscientist
    New HTM School Series Debut: Interview with a Neuroscientist

    Designed to make the theory of Hierarchical Temporal Memory (HTM) more accessible to the general public, HTM School is a YouTube channel containing videos about HTM and updates on our ongoing research here at Numenta. The channel is run by Numenta’s Open Source Manager Matt Taylor and was created a year ago to educate everyone about HTM. On the channel, you will find bite-sized, 15-20 minute educational HTM videos with visualizations and examples, ...

    Joanne CuaJoanne CuaMarketing Associate
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