Applying neuroscience discoveries to dramatically increase performance and unlock new capabilities of AI.

With a rich understanding of the brain, we create deep learning technology that delivers real value today and opens new possibilities for tomorrow. Our algorithms, data structures and architectures help decrease time to value, improve model development, accelerate training, and reduce costs and energy consumption.


We believe that neocortical principles will drive the creation of machine intelligence.

Today’s AI has accomplished many impressive tasks but are restricted to narrow, specific goals. In stark contrast, intelligent machines built on neocortical principles continuously learn from their environment without supervision, enabling them to tackle problems in entirely new ways. Intelligent machines that learn will have an enormous beneficial impact across the full spectrum of AI in the coming decades, and the human brain provides the blueprint for building them.


Deep neuroscience research provides the foundation for our brain-based AI work.

From our inception, Numenta has had two goals. First, to understand the human brain, and how it creates intelligence. Second, to apply these principles to enable machine intelligence.

Numenta has developed a broad framework for understanding what the neocortex does and how it does it, called the Thousand Brains Theory of Intelligence. Leveraging our achievements on the former goal, we are now developing breakthrough advances in AI technology that are critical for addressing today’s AI pain points and enabling new AI categories.


In 2005, three years after founding the Redwood Neuroscience Institute, Jeff Hawkins co-founded Numenta, along with Donna Dubinsky and Dileep George. Building upon two decades of neuroscience research and a growing collection of peer-reviewed papers, Numenta has turned its focus to commercializing its brain-based AI technology.