Numenta Platform for Intelligent Computing

Unparalleled scaling of LLMs on CPUs


Process language data quickly and accurately

Lightning Speed

Achieve 10 to over 100 times speedup without sacrificing accuracy

Seamless Integration

Easily incorporate into your existing infrastructure and MLOps solutions

Complete Privacy

Keep full control of your models without ever sharing your data

Effective Scaling

Deploy and scale large language models at optimal price performance

Build and scale powerful NLP applications effortlessly

Choose from our production ready Transformer models – from BERTs to multi-billion parameter GPTs – and run the model that’s right for you.

Get started with one command

Delivered as a Docker container, launch with a single command line, and confidently deploy your AI solutions.

Seamless integration with your workflow

Built on the Triton Server and standard inference protocols, Numenta’s AI platform fits right into your existing infrastructure and works with standard MLOps.


Deploy NuPIC Wherever You Want
On-Premise or Your Favorite Cloud Provider

NuPIC supports all major cloud providers and on-premise 


Dramatically Accelerate Large Language Models on CPUs

Results shown for BERT-Large, sequence length 128
Results shown for GPT-J-6B using 32 input and output tokens

NuPIC Datasheet

Download this two-page data sheet to learn more about NuPIC.

Why Numenta

At the Forefront of Deep Learning Innovation

Rooted in deep neuroscience research

Leverage Numenta’s unique neuroscience-based approach to create powerful AI systems

10-100x performance improvements​

Reduce model complexity and overhead costs with 10-100x performance improvements

Seamless adaptability and scalability

Discover the perfect blend of flexibility and customization, designed to cater to your business needs

Case Studies

See It In Action

Ready to supercharge your AI solutions with NuPIC?