Partners & Customers

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Numenta is working with Intel to deliver groundbreaking performance improvements in AI. By combining our AI technology with Intel’s latest Xeon processors, we are delivering unparalleled inference performance for LLMs on CPUs.

F5  is partnering with Numenta to make AI applications easier and more affordable. Integrating NuPIC into the F5 Distributed Cloud Platform enables secure delivery of LLM workloads for multicloud applications regardless of deployment complexity.

Gallium Studios is an indie game studio founded by legendary video game designers Will Wright and Lauren Elliott, creators of The Sims and Where in the World is Carmen San Diego. Gallium Studios is using NuPIC to power their new AI-based simulation game, Proxi.

Cequence provides contract management solutions for legal professionals and procurement teams. They are using NuPIC to develop unique models, exclusively trained on the archives of client contracts.

AI Singapore is a national initiative designed to accelerate AI projects with Singapore companies. Numenta and AI Singapore are partnering to provide high-performing, scalable and secure AI solutions on CPUs, and help strengthen AI capabilities to Singapore companies. 

Weights & Biases (commonly known as Wandb) is a MLops platform for data visualization and performance tracking. Numenta and Wandb are partnering to bring users seamless access to advanced AI capabilities, making it easier than ever to deploy and scale their models. 


AMD - Xilinx

Xilinx develops highly flexible and adaptive processing platforms that enable rapid innovation across a variety of technologies. Numenta applied its AI technology to develop highly efficient FPGA circuit elements on Xilinx Alveo™ and Zynq™ Ultrascale+.

SigOpt is an AI experimentation platform to track training runs, automate hyperparameter optimization, scale jobs and collaborate on model development. Numenta partnered with SigOpt to develop highly efficient sparse networks while maintaining accuracy.

Salad and Numenta are partnering to increase price-performance on AI inference. Our optimized BERT transformer models running on Salad’s distributed cloud infrastructure offer more inferences per dollar than standard BERT transformer networks in the public cloud. is leading the next generation of natural language processing: language intelligence.’s Semantic Folding technology translates text into sparse distributed representations. This enables a host of exciting applications that have challenged computer scientists for decades including sentiment analysis, automatic summarization, semantic search and conversational dialogue systems.

Grok is using Numenta technology for advanced IT anomaly detection. Grok applies Numenta’s breakthrough technology to solving the IT department’s hardest problems, with a complete enterprise solution. Its modern user interface makes it easy to drill down to important anomalies and take action before a problem worsens.

Intelletic Trading Systems (ITS) has developed an artificial intelligence platform using Numenta Technology for autonomous trading of futures and other financial assets. The company’s unique cortical learning approach is designed to generate greater profit and incur less risk than a human discretionary trader.