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No GPUs Required

Maximize the impact of your AI applications

Discover how NuPIC powers NLP solutions that help you extract insights, identify patterns, and automate tasks from unstructured data in a variety of industries.

sentiment analysis

Decipher feelings within text

Uncover how your customers are feeling

Sentence Similarity

Find hidden connections

Discover how different texts relate to each other

text classification

Classify and categorize text

Effortlessly sort and group text into categories 


Unleash the power of Generative AI

Condense text to capture key insights 

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Powered by Numenta Platform for Intelligent Computing

NuPIC leverages insights from neuroscience to help you easily process large amounts of language data quickly and accurately.

Lightning Speed

Achieve 10 to over 100 times speedup without sacrificing accuracy

Seamless Integration

Easily incorporate into your existing infrastructure and MLOps solutions

Complete Privacy

Keep full control of your models without ever sharing your data

Effective Scaling

Deploy and scale million to billion parameter models at optimal price performance on CPUs

Why Numenta

Supercharge Your NLP Solutions

Backed by
Neuroscience Research

Our brain-based approach leverages key neuroscience principles to maximize efficiency

Production Ready Large Language Models

Select from a library of Numenta pre-trained Transformer models 

Extreme Cost Savings -
No GPUs Required

Run your models on CPUs to eliminate the cost and complexity associated with GPUs

Case Studies

Our Solutions in Action

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