Optimize and scale your deep learning networks

Solutions for real-time NLP and computer vision

Natural Language Processing

Conversational AI
Semantic Based Search
Sentiment Analysis
Detecting Customer Intent
Language Transformer Models

Computer Vision

Object Detection
Object Tracking
Image Classification
Semantic Segmentation
Vision Transformer Models


Select a pre-trained model, build from scratch, or use your own


Dramatic performance improvements across multiple industries

<4 ms

latency on BERT-base

10 - >100x

throughput speedup


cost reduction


energy savings

Deploy optimized hardware-aware solutions for your specific applications

Run within your current infrastructure, no external cloud service required

Leverage deep learning models that typically cannot run on edge platforms

Why Numenta

Our unique brain-based approach to AI

Rooted in deep neuroscience research

We leverage the structures and efficiencies found in the human brain based on our 20 years of in-house neuroscience research and breakthrough advances in cortical theory

Extreme flexibility 

Our Technology is applicable to many forms of inputs, models, and hardware, allowing extreme flexibility from development to deployment to meet your business needs

Proven results

As documented in our research papers, our solutions have achieved state-of-the-art performance results 

Case Studies

Our Solutions in Action

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