AI-Driven Document Retrieval - Powered by NuPIC™

From RAG to Rich Insights with CPU-based AI

Harness the power of retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) to find and retrieve the most relevant documents in real-time with NuPIC.

Process large amounts of text at lightning speed on CPUs

Derive meaningful insights in minutes instead of hours - no GPUs required

Customize models for your industry's unique needs

Fine-tune on your data to enable high accuracy or industry specific datasets

Maintain complete privacy and security of your documents

Run on-prem or private cloud - your documents never leave your walls

How it works

Document Retrieval with NuPIC

Convert Text into Searchable Data

Convert your documents into embeddings for indexing and retrieval.

Query Matching and Retrieval

Search the database and surface relevant documents that match the query’s intent.

Host Multiple Models on Single CPU

Analyze, summarize, and classify – all these models run on a single server.

Ready to uncover the hidden insights in your data?


Drive Efficiency and Insight Across Diverse Applications

Sentiment Analysis

Identify and analyze emotions and opinions within documents


Transform lengthy documents into concise, easy-to-digest summaries


Automatically categorize into your predefined groups 

NuPIC Document Retrieval Datasheet

Download this two-page data sheet to learn more about how NuPIC can help access the information you need in real-time.

Case Studies

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