Advancing deep learning and AI with brain-based technology

Leveraging insights from cortical circuitry, structure and function

Numenta technology is built on the Thousand Brains Theory, our sensorimotor framework of intelligence. The framework suggests mechanisms for how the brain efficiently represents information, learns about the structure of the world, and makes predictions. By building technology on these core principles, we have defined new architectures, data structures and algorithms that overcome today’s deep learning limitations and build tomorrow’s intelligent machines.


Based on biophysical properties of the brain, Numenta’s network architecture dynamically restricts and routes information in a context-specific manner, yielding low-cost solutions for a range of problems.

Data Structures

Based on how information is represented in the brain, Numenta data structures are highly flexible and versatile, applicable to many different problems in many different domains.


Based on how information is used in the brain, Numenta algorithms intelligently act on data and adapt as the nature of the problems change.