Brains@Bay – Predictive Processing in Brains and Machines

Brains@Bay Meetups are designed to bring together the fields of neuroscience and artificial intelligence. Speakers for this meetup have been selected from each discipline to provide unique views of the topic of Predictive Processing.

Modern neuroscience has gained an increasing appreciation that predicting aspects of the environment, like the sensory consequences of action, is a core component of intelligent computation. In recent decades many models, such as Hierarchical Temporal Memory, have surfaced to propose how the brain generates predictions. In this event, our speakers will talk about one family of such models: predictive processing.

Predictive processing states that the brain uses internal models of the world to continually make predictions about events in the environment. These predictions are compared with sensory input to generate prediction errors, which can be used to update the brain’s internal models.

The speakers for this event are Avi Pfeffer & Georg Keller.

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Lucas Souza and Matthew Taylor • Numenta