Conversations on A Thousand Brains

This video series aims to extend the meaningful dialogues that A Thousand Brains has started. 

8 April 2021 • Dr. Michael Riendeau, Ranger Fair, Jacob Shalmi

How can the ideas from A Thousand Brains inform our understanding of learning, both in the classroom and beyond?

We talked to Dr. Michael Riendeau and his two students, Ranger Fair and Jacob Shalmi from Eagle Hill School about how the theory can be beneficial to educators and students.


3 May 2021 • Congressman Ro Khanna

Innovations in AI are transforming economics and societies globally, leading to political debates on the ethics, fairness, and accountability of AI.

We talked to Congressman Ro Khanna from California’s 17th district about the key takeaways from A Thousand Brains and the political challenges in developing AGI. To learn more about Congressman Ro Khanna’s work, visit


12 August 2021 • Jennifer Hancock

Can the ideas from A Thousand Brains help us understand how we shape behaviors?

We talked to Jennifer Hancock about how A Thousand Brains helped her better understand her area of expertise on behavioral modification. We covered a variety of topics such as operant conditioning and her experience with dolphin training. Learn more about Jennifer’s work here:


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