SystemX Alliance Annual Fall Conference

Wed, Nov 08, 2023 12:00 PM — 1:00 PM
Wed, Nov 08, 2023 12:00 PM — 1:00 PM

Our co-founder Jeff Hawkins is the keynote speaker for the SystemX Alliance Annual Fall Conference happening from Nov 7-9, 2023.

The Stanford SystemX Alliance is a collaboration between Stanford University and member industrial firms to produce world-class research and Ph.D. graduates with a view to enabling truly ubiquitous sensing, computing and communication with embedded intelligence. Learn more here.


Today’s AI and machine learning systems have accomplished impressive tasks, but in many ways, they are far from ideal. They require enormous amounts of training data. The computational power and energy they require is already too large and growing exponentially. Current technologies are incapable of continuously learning and are prone to errors and confabulation. There is even an ongoing debate whether we are on the path to truly intelligent machines or whether entirely new approaches are needed. The human brain suffers none of these issues. In this talk, Jeff Hawkins, co-founder of Numenta, will discuss recent advances in brain theory and how these advances can significantly improve the performance of today’s AI systems and might provide a sustainable path to more intelligent machines.


Jeff Hawkins • Stanford University