GamesBeat Summit 2024

Mon, May 20, 2024 3:05 PM — 3:30 PM
Mon, May 20, 2024 3:05 PM — 3:30 PM

Our CEO Subutai Ahmad and Gallium Studios Founder Will Wright will be speaking at the upcoming GamesBeat Summit in Los Angeles on the afternoon of May 20. They will talk about the potential and power of AI for games on a panel called “brain-based AI agents and the future of interactive entertainment.”

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GamesBeat Summit 2024 focuses on resilience and adaptation, with the goal to examine the strategies needed to adapt and excel in an ever evolving gaming landscape. Topics include AI in Gaming, Gaming Economy, New Business Models, Cross-Media Adaptations, and much more. Register here


All the memories in your life make you who you are. Gallium Studio’s newest AI simulation game, Proxi, will allow players to input pivotal moments in their lives and bring them to life using media such as 3D objects, audio, and photos. The game then analyzes these core memories and creates player avatars known as Proxis. Each Proxi avatar is a dynamic model of how players feel, think, and behave with the world around them based on the memories they input.

Proxi uses a combination of embedded and generative AI models that abstract keywords the player uses, look for associations among them, and create a world based on those associations. To make this gameplay happen in real time, Gallium Studios chose Numenta’s NuPIC, a neuroscience-based AI platform designed to help businesses efficiently build and scale large AI models on CPUs.

The integration of independent AI agents in the next generation of life simulation games holds significant relevance, given the swift evolution and adoption of AI technologies in the video game industry. Attendees can anticipate:

  • A comprehensive exploration of the potential implications of AI advancements on life simulation games.

  • How video gaming companies can leverage advanced AI technologies and why the ability to build AI-based games on CPU-based servers matters to game developers.

  • Expert analysis and actionable knowledge from Gallium Studios and Numenta on the anticipated trajectory of integrating AI agents and neuroscience principles in gaming and the potential impact on interactive entertainment in the future.


Subutai Ahmad • CEO