Fri, Jun 03, 2022 9:00 AM — 9:40 AM
Fri, Jun 03, 2022 9:00 AM — 9:40 AM

Our Director of ML Architecture Lawrence Spracklen is speaking at the First International Workshop COmputing using EmeRging Exotic AI-Inspired Systems (CORTEX’22) virtually on June 3rd, 9:00-9:50AM PDT.

CORTEX’22 aspires to provide a recurring and open international forum for discussing, disseminating, technology transfer, and opening up collaboration across the HPC, the neuroscience, the software, and the hardware communities with respect to crosscutting bio-inspired methods in artificial intelligence and other emerging AI paradigms. The driving force behind the workshop is its interdisciplinary nature, allowing the workshop to focus on subjects that span the boundaries of several disciplines. Learn more here.


In recent years, larger and more complex deep neural networks (DNNs) have led to significant advances in artificial intelligence (AI). However, the exponential growth of these models threatens forward progress. In this talk we discuss how key insights from the efficient operation of the human neocortex can deliver significant efficiency benefits in deep learning. We highlight recent research demonstrating efficiency improvements of over two orders of magnitude and discuss how AI software and hardware can evolve synergically to control the spiraling computational and energy costs of DNNs.


Lawrence Spracklen • VP of Machine Learning