Brains@Bay – An Exploration of Grid Cells in Machine Learning

In this Brains@Bay meetup, we are focusing on grid cells and how they act as an inspiration for machine learning architectures. We are thrilled to invite a great lineup of speakers that will present their exciting work on grid cells.

Numenta Senior Researcher Marcus Lewis started us off with a basic overview of grid cells and then dove into using grid cells and other cells to quickly form spatial memories.

Next, James Whittington, Postdoctoral Research Associate at University of Oxford talked about unifying space and relational memory in the hippocampal formation.

Finally, Kimberly Stachenfeld, Research Scientist at DeepMind, presented a relational view of grid cells in which grid cells represent geometry over graphs.

Professor Tim Behrens from University of Oxford joined us for the discussion.

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Marcus Lewis, Charmaine Lai, Jeff Hawkins and Subutai Ahmad • Brains@Bay