Numenta Platform for Intelligent Computing

Powerful neuroscience-based AI

Deploy private and secure LLMs within your own infrastructure

Run AI models efficiently on CPUs - No GPUs required

Achieve dramatic price performance improvements

Realize all the benefits of Large Language Models with NuPIC

Whether you’re deploying LLMs for the first time or running in production today, experience an AI platform that is efficient, scalable, and secure.

Get started with one command

No complex setups, no deep learning expertise required.
Launch effortlessly with a single command line.

Achieve full control over your data and models

Your data and models never have to leave your company walls.
Deploy within your own infrastructure, on-premise or any cloud provider.

Experience uncompromised speed on CPUs

From BERTs to multi-billion parameter GPTs, cut down costs without compromising performance with our CPU-optimized LLMs.

Rooted in two decades of deep neuroscience research

Our unique AI solutions are based on two decades of neuroscience research and breakthrough advances in understanding what the neocortex does and how it does it. At the core of our technology is the Thousand Brains Theory, our framework for intelligence in the human brain. By leveraging the structures and efficiencies found in the brain, we’re able to dramatically accelerate deep learning networks and uncover new capabilities of AI.

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