The World Leader in Deploying Large AI Models on CPUs

Build and scale Generative AI applications on CPUs

Get superior price performance on CPU-only infrastructure

Maintain privacy and full control of your models and data

Unlock the benefits of Large Language Models with NuPIC™

Whether you’re deploying LLMs for the first time or running in production today, the Numenta Platform for Intelligent Computing (NuPIC) is designed to be efficient, scalable, and secure. No GPUs required!

Experience uncompromised speed and flexibility on CPUs

Optimal performance

Ideal for real-time applications


Run hundreds of models on the same server

Effortless scaling

Easily scale CPU-only systems

Simplified MLOps

Easy infrastructure management

Rooted in two decades of deep neuroscience research

Numenta is driven by a mission to deeply understand the brain and apply that understanding to AI. Through mapping our neuroscience-based advances to modern CPU architectures, we are redefining what’s possible in AI. Working with partners like Intel, we are driving AI into the future.  

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