Text Classification

Classify sentences with unmatched accuracy and speed

Transform Massive Text Volumes into Actionable Insights

Classify, categorize, and sift through large amounts of text from various data sources, such as user reviews, emails, or publications, with NuPIC.

Process large amounts of text at lightning speed

Effortlessly categorize and label large datasets, deriving meaningful insights in minutes instead of hours

Adapt to your industry specific use case

Select a model that fits your requirements and fine-tune on your data, enabling high accuracy for your industry specific classifications

Your data never leaves your company walls

Process sensitive texts within your company walls. Your data is never sent to Numenta servers or systems

example Applications

Drive Efficiency and Insight Across Diverse Applications

Topic Modeling

Sort and categorize articles, blogs, or documents based on different themes or subject matters.

Automating CRM Processes

Route inquiries to the appropriate department or team member based on the content of the message.

Named Entity Recognition

Recognize the language used in a text, making multilingual systems more accessible and user-friendly.

Legal Document Review

Classify sensitive legal documents by case type, relevance, or urgency with high accuracy.

Spam Detection

Filter out unwanted emails or comments by identifying and filtering spam emails or messages.

Content Moderation

Monitor and filter user-generated content on social media platforms, forums, or comment sections.

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How it works

Easy to Start, Customize, and Scale

Select a Model

Select a model from Numenta’s model zoo that can be fine-tuned with your data to your specific industry needs.

Fine-Tune with Your Data

Based on data you provide, the model learns your industry’s nuances and patterns, improving model accuracy.

Lightning-Fast Deployment

Deploy the model to quickly start processing and classifying new, unseen texts into designated categories.

Why Numenta

Supercharge Your NLP Solutions

Backed by Neuroscience Research

Leveraging decades of neuroscience research, our AI solutions deliver unparalleled performance in every use case.

No Deep Learning Expertise Required

AI novices and experts can easily harness the full potential of large language models without a steep learning curve. 

Built for Scalability - No GPUs Required

NuPIC is optimized to run on CPUs at high speeds, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes to scale up to their growing needs. 

Case Studies

Classifying Text for Diverse Business Needs

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