Sentiment Analysis

Transform customer feedback into actionable insights

Discover nuances in expressive behavior with newfound precision

Rapidly develop and deploy industry-specific AI applications to quantify and analyze complex sentiment in virtually any text with NuPIC.

Deep insights from complex customers

Discover how customers feel about products down to granular features and attributes

Customize to your unique business needs

Fine-tune large language models to fit your industry and company-specific needs

Enable rapid and accurate decision-making

Stay ahead of market trends and customer needs with real-time insights 

example Applications

Transforming Insights into Action Across Industries

Customer Feedback Analysis

Uncover what your customers truly think about your products, and use that insight to make improvements and boost satisfaction.


Discover emerging trends, popular features, and unmet needs to stay ahead of the competition and create innovative solutions.

Social Media Monitoring

Keep your finger on the pulse of online conversations to understand how your brand is perceived and spot potential opportunities.

Personalized Content

Analyze user-generated content to provide tailored recommendations, ensuring your users find exactly what they're looking for.

Investment Insights

Make informed investment decisions by tapping into market sentiment from news articles, social media, and financial reports.

Customer Support

Enhance your customer service by quickly identifying and addressing customer concerns, and keeping your customers happy.

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How it works

Easy to Start, Customize, and Scale

Select a Model

Select a model from Numenta’s model zoo that can be fine-tuned with your data to your specific industry needs.

Fine-Tune with Your Data

Fine-tune the model on your data so it learns to identify the sentiment of text based on the patterns and relationships between words and phrases. 

Lightning-Fast Deployment

Run the new model at high throughput and low latency in our inference server, where it takes in unseen text as input and outputs a predicted sentiment label (e.g., positive, negative, or neutral).

Why Numenta

Supercharge Your NLP Solutions

Backed by Neuroscience Research

Our proprietary neuroscience research identifies the key factors that contribute to speed and accuracy in the brain, optimizing your AI models like never before.

Retain Full Control Over Your Data and Models

NuPIC operates entirely within your existing infrastructure, within your company walls. No information gets sent to any Numenta servers or systems.

Designed to Scale - No GPUs Required

NuPIC is designed to optimize and accelerate large-scale NLP models on CPUs, allowing users to scale up powerful AI-driven sentiment analysis applications.

Case Studies

Transforming Insights into Action Across Industries

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