Sentence Similairty

Uncover hidden connections and links

Transform Massive Text Volumes into Actionable Insights

Discover the nuanced relationships between sentences and gain fresh perspectives with NuPIC.

Discover subtle similarities with high precision

Effortlessly categorize and label large datasets, deriving meaningful insights in minutes instead of hours

Highly optimized, production-ready large language models

Choose the model that best fits your requirements, enabling high accuracy for your industry specific classifications

Your data never leaves your company walls

Process sensitive texts within your company walls. Your data is never sent to Numenta servers or systems

example Applications

Drive Efficiency and Insight Across Diverse Applications

Question Answering

Sort and categorize articles, blogs, or documents based on different themes or subject matters.

Customer Support Enhancement

Link related customer queries to provide comprehensive solutions.

Content Curation

Discover related articles, blogs, and publications, and curate relevant, engaging content.

Legal Document Comparison

Compare lengthy legal documents and contracts to identify similarities and potential conflicts.

Plagiarism Detection

Detect duplicate information already available on the internet to improve search rankings.

Competitive Analysis

Stay informed about market movements by tracking similarities between your content and competitors'.

Ready to uncover the hidden ties in your data?

How it works

A Simple Journey to Complex Insights

Production-Ready LLMs​

Choose a production-ready model in our model library for instant deployment.

Optional Fine-Tuning

Boost accuracy further and capture subtle nuances with optional fine-tuning to your specific data.

Simple, Intuitive Outputs

Input sentences and receive similarity scores that depict how closely the content aligns.

Why Numenta

Supercharge Your NLP Solutions

Backed by Neuroscience

We have defined unique brain-based AI algorithms and architecture that dramatically accelerate and improve today’s AI systems.

Integrate and Go

Integrate NuPIC into your existing infrastructure via light-weight Docker containers, on-premise or with your favorite cloud provider. 

Scale Seamlessly on CPUs

NuPIC is optimized to run on CPUs, ensuring consistent high-speed performance, regardless of model size.

Case Studies

Classifying Text for Diverse Business Needs

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