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Get early access to our advanced features and capabilities that are not yet available on Numenta’s AI platform.

About the Beta Program

Numenta has a deep roadmap for integrating our neuroscience-based research into our AI platform. We are working with selected Beta Partners to apply these advanced features to applications such as Generative AI and Computer Vision.

Get early access to test and explore new capabilities that are not yet available in our products.  Apply to our Beta Program and be among the first to experience the power of our leading-edge, brain-based AI technology.

Beta Partner Benefits

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Solutions for real-time NLP and Computer Vision

<3 ms

ultra-low latency on Bert-Base


throughput inference speedup


higher throughput on Bert-Large


cost reduction on inference


energy savings

Our program is designed to provide early access to unreleased features and capabilities that are not yet available on our AI platform . By joining the beta, customers can collaborate with our team at Numenta to develop tailored solutions for their specific needs and use cases that may not yet be covered by the existing product offerings.

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As a beta partner, you will have dedicated Numenta resources who work with you to customize our solutions to your particular business case. You’ll also influence and shape our product roadmap with your feedback. The program offers numerous opportunities for joint publicity through case studies, press releases, blogs, and more. Beta partners also receive significant pricing discounts .

Our AI solutions are designed to give you a competitive edge – whether you’re looking to deploy deep learning solutions for the first time or running in production already. Our AI platform offers unparalleled scaling of Transformers on today’s hardware, helping you optimize your deep learning networks – from GPT-scale to computer vision models . You’ll get the most out of our beta program when:

  • You would like to squeeze more out of your AI budget. Increase throughput and run more inferences without increasing your budget. Our products deliver dramatic performance boosts that enable larger models at lower costs.
  • You are looking to get better results from your existing applications. Typically, improving accuracy requires larger networks. Because of the way we optimize deep learning models, we can deliver significantly better accuracy for a given performance level.
  • You are ready to enable new deep learning applications. Our beta program offers a cost-effective and optimal solution for using Transformers in your applications. Our technology accelerates Transformers by mapping the structures of the brain to today’s hardware, enabling efficient execution on today’s CPUs.
  • You face high latencies in your real-time operating systems. For many time-sensitive AI applications, milliseconds matter. With Numenta, meet and excel in industry requirements with high throughput and ultra-low latencies.

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Our AI platform is an easy-to-use product that uses neuroscience principles to process language data quickly and accurately. The platform is built on two decades of deep neuroscience research and breakthrough advances in cortical theory. Our research has uncovered a number of core principles of the neocortex that are not reflected in today’s machine learning systems, allowing us to define new architectures, data structures, and algorithms that deliver significant benefits in today’s deep learning networks and unlock a new wave of intelligent, neuroscience-based computing.

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